Would the best New Year's resolution for me be to finally give up the new world immigration dream and focus on life in the EU where I am?

I will never live in Los Angeles so cannot do weekend trips by Amtrak to San Diego or San Francisco, or visit Mexico and Canada.

However, being based in my home city of Rotterdam, South Holland, I can regularly do weekend trips on the train to Brussels, Paris, Cologne and Luxembourg. We also have plenty of watersports along the North Sea coast.

Thus, apart from yearly holidays only, I cannot do what an American does, but by the same token, an American cannot do what a European does either.

Is life essentially about both coming to terms with and accepting the fact of the circumstances of your birth, whilst also recognising that despite one's best efforts, you cannot always change the side of an Ocean that you happened to be born on?

What I am really saying here is that 9 times out of 10, I will always live and work 'outside' of the 50 US states as most of the world's population does.

However, is facing the best part of a future spent in the Benelux / North Western Europe as compared to the USA, a not too bad prospect either?

I wanted to become an American, but I remained firmly dual Dutch / British and a European.

They are however my people and continent, despite wanting to join and become part of another one, which proved impossible to do and be.


I also have a good job as a Senior HR Business Partner in an international NGO in Amsterdam, so do I technically need new world immigration anymore? I have succeeded career wise in my EU and wider EMEA market, even if not in NAFTA or Downunder. I also get 6 weeks paid holiday and 10 days public holiday a year to travel and explore, a secure permanent contract, free dental, eye and healthcare and strong protection against dismissal. I achieved the American Dream in Europe instead.          

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  • 10 months ago
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    Perhaps to stop wasting your time posting endless questions here about it; and enjoying your life where you are.

  • Foofa
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    10 months ago

    Wonder if you're aware how this city (L.A) is undergoing a mass exodus of people who can no longer stand living here because conditions are so bad. At any rate, New Year's Eve of about 2012 probably would have been the time for you to accept this as your resolution.

  • 10 months ago

    No, that would be a good resolution, but not the best. A better resolution would be to stop posting about this so often on Yahoo Answers.

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