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Which is the better adba or akc ?

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  • 1 month ago

    • “Which is the better adba or akc ?”

    William, you have a LOT to learn! Friday night in the USA, Saturday night on the other side of the International Date Line was very obviously your first experiment in Y!A. You SHOULD have taken the tine to LOOK AT some existing questions and think about how hard – even, like yours, impossible – most of them are to answer because the asker didn't supply enough INFORMATION! But you didn’t bother to study them.

    To your very first question you wrote an “answer” stating:

    ▪“I'm asking not answering questions”

    That’s a real “DUH❗”, William, written much as a bright 2½-year old BRAT might type. Not only is it NOT an answer (it should be an UPDATE), it should also have 2 commas plus a full-stop (as you’re obviously a Yank or Reb, to you that’s a “period”).

    In THIS question you left out a colon and 7 capital letters, plus an explanation of “better for WHAT?”.

    So. so far, BOTH your questions are inadequate UNTIL you supply some UPDATES to answer what people NEED to be told in order to give a VALID intelligent answer.

    To supply an update:

    💠1: PLAN what you’re going to type (I plan my questions & answers in my word-processor so that Y!A can’t irrevocably Save it before I’ve had time to reread & correct it, and move thoughts to more appropriate places);

    💠2: click [Edit] under your question;

    💠3: click the [Add Update] that will pop up, then

    💠4: start typing your missing information into the empty area that appears.

    After you have checked your grammar, punctuation and spelling,

    💠5: click [Submit] to irrevocably “glue” your new stuff to your old stuff.

    Although you are too inexperienced to know what else the lower-case letters could stand for, as this is the DOGS section the most likely are:

    ✨adba > American Dog Breeders Association = ADBA

    ✨akc > American Kennel Club = AKC

    Of that pair, the AKC is the ONLY USA dog registry that is accepted/recognised by each of the world’s internationally accepted dog registries / kennel clubs. So if you are a breeder who wants to export pups from his litters, only the AKC is “real”.

    https://bluepembrokewelshcorgis.wordpress.com/regi... doesn’t list the ADBA (you might be amazed at how many scam “dog registries” there are in the USA), but it is definitely NOT accepted by any of the world’s official kennel clubs/registries.

    So, without the information as to WHAT one of them is supposed to be “better” FOR, the answer to:

    ♦ “Which is the better for ❔❔❔❔❔❔❔: the ADBA or the AKC?”

    is that there are 2 possibilities:

    🐩a: If you are a genuine breeder of any of the breeds recognised by the FCI in:

    http://www.fci.be/en/nomenclature/ then only the AKC is any good at all. Based on its refusal to join the FCI, what it has allowed its breeders & judges to do to “my” breed, that it has accepted ridiculous “breed names” such as the American Staffordshire Terrier (a BREED cannot have its origin in 2 different places on opposite sides of the Atlantic Ocean!) and Australian Shepherd (the original A?.Shepherd was never developed in Australia – they were purely Spanish Collie-type dogs that accompanied the first Merino sheep to Australia, drove them to the farmland of the buyers, then dogs & their human shepherds sailed on to North America), the AKC is not a very logical organisation, but it is what the USA has.

    🐕b: If you are a fancier of the American Pit Bull Terrier neither is any use to you. The UKC was founded because the AKC wouldn’t accept Chauncey Z. Bennett’s dog so he started his own kennel club, and Bennett’s Ring was the first dog registered by the UKC – “Ring” was, of course an APBT. But you need to be aware that the APBT is banned by all international kennel clubs, many landlords, and many governements and disyrict councils.

    Les the aged Kiwi - first pup in 1950, GSD breeder & trainer since 1968

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  • 1 month ago

    Adba is a junk registry, not worth the paper it is printed on. They register anything & it is just a scam for all the dogs that do not meet AKC standards.

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  • 1 month ago

    AKC is a legit registry service.

    Adba is a mutt registry

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  • 1 month ago

    They are both registration services; the AKC has been around longer and UNLIKE the ADBA does require onsite physical kennel and record INSPECTIONS and that dogs used for breeding several litters must be IDENTIFIED by microchip.

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    • E. H. Amos
      Lv 7
      1 month agoReport

      They also require DNA profiling on frequently used studs.

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  • Maxi
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    1 month ago

    AKC is the Offical breed registry in America, for pedigree bred dogs

    The American Dog Breeders Association (ADBA) was set up as an American Pit Bull Terrier Registry as they are not pedigree dogs so you can't register pitbulls or any other mutt with the AKC or any other Official Kennel club in the world.

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  • 1 month ago

    I have no idea what adba is (pop group?) but the only official registry of the relevant country would be the UK KC, the AKC (America), the CKC (Canada) and so on.  So that official registry would be 'better'.

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  • 1 month ago

    Adba is better.

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