Ayodeji asked in HealthDiet & Fitness · 1 month ago

I workout through running for several weeks, but I’m not in good shape whenever I’m naked than before taking those pieces of training.?

I don’t look like someone that gym. I lost my strength bit by bit like dust slowly vanishes in the air. As if I’m not from this world and very strange in workouts. I’m high ashamed and very frustrated. Instead of losing weight, I end up adding more pounds of flesh. Not only that, my libido that is every man pride’s went bad and vanishes right in my eye through the air. I nearly ruined my life with this sporting activity. I’m not good at quitting, but I’m about to give up. How could I lose my most essential part of manhood? And how could I fix myself?

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  • 1 month ago

    See your doctor about a testoterone treatment. That will give your more energy and help you put on muscle. I think you are low on testosterone. 

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