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Why is it that when I lay on my bed my chest hurts but when I lay on the floor I am fine?

Alright so for the last couple of days I have not been able to sleep properly at  all! As soon as I am approaching deep sleep I wake up with a dull sensation on my left chest, on one of my ribs near the sternum to be exact. I’m not out of breath, no cold sweats, and before you ask I’ve had x-ray and CAT scans done before showing that everything is fine! The pain is not a 10/10 and it’s more of a 3/10 it’s just there and it feels uncomfortable. So one day I decided to get off bed, stretch my chest and decided to lay on the floor. In less than five minutes the sensation was gone! I’m thinking it might be a bad sleeping position, or it might be incorrect posture during the day too! I am guilty of rounding my shoulders forward but I just wanted to get some thoughts! I am fine throughout the entire day just for whatever reason the symptom flares up when lay in bed on my back! Any thoughts are appreciated!

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  • keerok
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    8 months ago

    Bed too soft? Lumpy? It's not always about being as soft as possible. There should be a level of firmness, enough to support your torso properly.

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