Android TV Box has Limited Internet Connectivity. Local running Plex Server also unavailable?

I noticed there is some issue going on I my Android TV boxes.

Today I have noticed that I have somehow very limited connectivity. Although I am connected to the internet and I am able to browse and stream content on some apps, but other apps plain say that I am not connected to the internet.

it has even spread to my Plex Server which is running locally on my Shield TV

Shield TV cannot see it anymore, I can only see it if I allow insecure connections, but it was working on secure connection fine.

What can I do ?

1 Answer

  • 8 months ago

    There is no such thing as limited Internet connectivity, either you are connected to the Internet or you aren't.  The limited connectivity message means your local LAN is working, and there is no connection to the Internet.  Something is wrong with your router or your ISP.

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