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Stomach bug with emtephobia. Terrified.?

I work in a school  and some fellow teachers have been out with the stomach bug. Woke up at 12AM, my stomach tore tf up. I thought it was ham I had earlier and I just need to D* and it’ll get better. i went to the bathroom so nauseous, but then the intense sweat hit, I tore off my hoodie and shirt. My skin was so pale I remember looking in the mirror, I had to cool down right then. I got up and went to the small window my legs shaking, I opened it up and my eyes went completely black. I was going to faint. i didnt luckily. I got back to the toliet, my eyes completely blurry and called my mom, freaking out. Had the runs and horrible full body shakes. Hanging out in the living room and this is the worst stomach pain I’ve ever felt. Fellow teachers informed me they’re throwing up, and another nauseous. I wasn’t alone and in a way that terrifes me. Makes it too real. I’m convincing myself its not going to happen, but if it does I just want someone to tell me it will be okay after. Im reading stories of people with emtephobia saying its not so terrifying in the moment and you feel better after. Holding onto the thought I will feel okay after to get through these horrible cramps. Will it be okay when it happens? Will I feel better after and not immediately go into a panic attack? I’ve worked so hard to get better and even got a job with children who i love. I just dont want to go back to the start. Im approaching hour two of this mess. How long does this last? Worst stomach pain.

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    Maybe you have food poisoning.

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