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Athletes(especially wrestlers), please help!? Does this happen to you guys or did I do something wrong?

So I’m in wrestling and I have to cut weight. I am 4 pounds over what I should be. I should be 140.6, but I’m 144.6. So, I took a really hot bath and stayed in there for 10 minutes. What I did was fill the bath up with hot water, submerge my entire body and head in there. I sat crossed leg at the front of the bath, laid down slowly and only left my face exposed to the air so I could breathe.  

I took my heart rate and it is 136 bpm, normally it is around 60 bpm. I can feel my hart beat pulse through my ears (Like a throbbing sensation) and I could clearly hear it. 

Did I do this wrong or is this how it’s suppose to be. 

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