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What type of furnace filter is this? It's in an old Lennox Furnace. Can I vacuum this to clean it?


Can I buy a new one somewhere? I looked on the internet but I only saw media filter rolls and paper looking square filters.

This is a rough material, almost like a green 3M pad but more course.

Update 2:

Thank You Everyone for your helpful answers 

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    That looks like a "cut-to-fit" washable filter to me. Take it outside and wash it from the inside out with just the hose, no spray attachment. Then after it dries, you can spray a thin coat of filter charger on the outward side of it before putting back into service.



    Home Depot has several choices of the cut-to-fit washable filters!

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  • Droopy
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    8 months ago

    Would have to see it removed it looks like it's the washable type.  There like the fiberglass type but its actually a heavier material than the cheap fiberglass.  If you decide to replace it I'd prolly filter material.  You can buy in a roll cut to size an the poly filters the air better than they style mesh you have 

  • Anonymous
    8 months ago

    Replace it.  They are not supposed to be cleaned.

  • Anonymous
    8 months ago

    it's a hammock filter.

    no you're not supposed to vacuum it.  you're supposed to replace the fiberglass element.  you need a box with big roll of that stuff in it, you cut off the length required, remove the dirty stuff off the wire wire frame, and put the clean stuff on

    i don't know if what you have there is a lennox.  i've got an old lennox that uses basically the same thing

    there's only one store around here that sells the boxes with the filter rolls i need also. 

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