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Women, would you wish to be Her Royal Highness Camilla who is the future Queen now married to “Prince Charming” aka Prince Charles?

Are you satisfied that Princess Diana is dead and Princess Camilla knocked her out of the way to have an affair with Prince Charming Charles that led to Princess Camilla now being the one to become Queen. As a woman, do you like that the cat-fight ended with Camilla having defeated Diana?

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    I wish  she  would   disappear  she does not  deserve to become  Queen  after  she  destroyed   the  royal  marriage  of   the Prince and  Princess of Wales

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    You are obsessed with Camilla and Charles. You have a hard time accepting the fact that they have a good marriage. You also have a hard time understanding what happened.

    No one is satisfied that Diana died.

    In an ideal world, the marriage of Charles and Diana would have worked out. The couple were must not suited to one another.  Charles ended his affair with Camilla to court, propose to, and marry Diana. Both Diana and Charles worked on their marriage until it became clear that it just wasn't working out. After the birth of Harry, both Charles and Diana and affairs.

    Diana unfortunately aired her dirty laundry to the public in order to garner public sympathy, get a good divorce settlement--Charles and Camila did not do the same. Charles admitted to adultery but he did not attack Diana publicly, nor encourage his friends to do so. Camilla has not spoken publicly about this time in their lives.

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    8 months ago

    stop dragging up the past and stop  trying to turn people against Charles 

  • 8 months ago

    What a total clueless post.

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    Not for one moment.   And I do not agree with any of the rest of the points in your question either!   Nobody was 'defeated'.    Camilla was always there for Prince Charles.   Diana was an accident in the waiting.    I didn't see what happened ALL those years ago now, as anything remotely like a 'cat fight'.

  • As a man, I would say no. If I were a woman I would want to be a pretty one.

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