Do you think there is a plan to get rid of nice people who try to do right towards other?

I'm just wondering why so many people can mistreat a lonely girl who so called doesn't fit the Americas European ”beauty” standards. Why do random people mistreat that person? Even old men and young? Why is she constantly made fun in school and work? Ignored everywhere, even in church? Constantly dealing with racism.

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  • Anonymous
    8 months ago

    yeah its called "the war on whites"...……….racism is a sham 

  • KatieC
    Lv 5
    8 months ago

    How is she constantly ignored and made fun of at the same time?

  • 8 months ago

    No, there is no plan to eliminate nice people.  But it sure seems that way, sometimes.  Unfortunately, many people don't grow up with a clue as to what their values are.  They quite often get led astray as a consequence - into the belief that they should value status and material possessions.  They are then liable to get involved in competition with everyone around them, on those two bases.  That's where "mean girls" come from.  They are insecure due to knowing that their "friends" would throw them under a bus in a heartbeat if they felt it would improve their position in the competitions.  They search for people like you so they can have a means of displaying what they imagine to be their superiority.  And it sucks to be on the receiving end of that.

    You, however, have a notion of right and wrong, good and bad, that is not based on what parties you get invited to, or what shoes you're wearing...or how much money your father makes, or how "pretty" or "hot" you are.  This doesn't make you superior to them, but it does serve to explain why you needn't let their cattiness, nastiness, or hauteur upset you.  In fifteen years their looks will fade and their situations will deteriorate - but in the same time your better understanding of your own values will steer you to a far more secure and enjoyable future.

    This seems bad now, but take the long view.  Good luck!

  • reme_1
    Lv 7
    8 months ago

    She has to stand up for herself. She needs her mother to install pride in her.

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