packing bags?

Can you use a Duffle bags for check in bag?I might use it for my one month vacation next summer if i go in August I hope to go next summer :) it seem to be much lighter to use and maybe one luggage so i can bring stuff back


We usually take south west but not sure it round for next year i hard they will stop with south west in november, are they still going?

Update 2:

cause when i weight with scale it was 12.6 i for got it was with the suitcase i think it 20.5 it look like duffle bag is weigh less i am still practicing

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  • Mamie
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    8 months ago

    Hi Blueangel88.  Don't you ever get tired of worrying about your trips to the Jersey shore?  You've been asking questions about it for 2 years now.  Here's what you asked 11 months ago:

    Packing a month if i go? 

    So every year I go back to New Jersey down the Shore from Arizona in August to get way from the heat and this year I dont want to over pack this Summer if I get chance to go this time there i said if i go because there some fighting between my uncle and my grandpa over this past Summer they do every year for stuipd things so we might go but I am not sure till May because of fight and my grandma get discount at certain time of the date so anyways i pretty much walk up the Beach for the day at Jersey shore or Jump in Lagoon/ Lounge round the house during weekday sometime a long boat ride if get it to humit and muggy out and on weekends my Aunt and I go Shopping get food for Dinner so I can wlays get more Clothes so yeah should I pack for two weeks? we bring 2 check luggage because one for clothes and other one bring back stuff like delicious Food like few snacks and clothes from New Jersey that we dont have in Arizona anyways what your thoughts?...YOU MAIGHT HAVE SEEN THIS ON MY OTHER ACCOUNT I HAD MADE A NEW ONE BECAUSE IDK WHAT HAPPEND SO IF YOU HAVE COMMENT BEFORE PLEASE DONT COMMENT AGAIN I WANT TO SEE OTHER WILL SAY 

    To answer your specific question this time:  A duffel bag is okay to use and it weighs less than most suitcases.  So please stop asking this question.  Thank you.

  • 8 months ago

    Yes, of course. People do all the time. Most airlines limit checked bags to 50 lbs. Over that and you pay an extra fee. Carry on bags are limited by size, not weight. They need to fit in the overhead bin, or under the seat in front of you. I carry a folded up duffel bag in my luggage, and if I buy things, I use the duffel bag as an extra suitcase to check on the way home. 

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