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Mental illness? Family?

Today I attended a parent teacher conference. Furthermore the teacher told me she won’t talk won’t ask and really quite which is usual. But she does it at home too, she never talks and I feel like she’s hiding stuff always lying. I tried talking her out for a long time now and she’s just wouldn’t talk. Her grades were always bad and she doesn’t listen to teacher too. She wouldn’t turn in work in time and I feel like there’s a gap between her and I. I let her sisters talk to her and my husband as well but she wouldn’t talk at all. Should I bring her to a physiologist does she have mental issues?  

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    Calling this "mental illness" is probably a mistake. But she could have a learning disorder. Did the teacher talk to you at all about having her tested? I have known a girl since kindergarten who was like this- she didn't talk to anyone. As many years as I have known her, she still doesn't talk to me. But she does fine in school and is now in a university. There's something else going on if she doesn't do her school work on time. If she has a reading disorder, for example, she may just not be able to read the instructions. Does anyone help her with her homework? 

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    Talk to her medical doctor and look into a therapist for her age group.

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