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Women, When Princess Diana was married to Prince Charles, did you wish you were her?

Princess Diana was considered many things in her time. She was even called the most beautiful woman in the world. She was the envy of all girls and women everywhere. She represented everything women wanted. She was rich. She was famous. She was Royalty. She was married to the future King of England. She was the future queen of England. Oh and she wore lots of fancy clothes. These are all things women wish they could have. Some people might try denying it. But they aren't fooling everyone. Women, Did you wish you were Princess Diana when she married to Prince Charles?

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    Absolutely. She had everything I could only dream about having. Take it from me, any women who says she wouldn't want to have been Princess Diana at the time is a liar. A very bad one at that.I would have loved to have been Princess Diana at that time. But today I would love to be Kate Middleton. She's like Princess Diana, only without all that unnecessary drama between her and the British royal family. And most importantly, she hasn't lost her place to become the future queen. 

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    When they first got married they both looked like old people to me. The Testino shoot for Vogue got me interested. The jewels and wild bio she secretly helped write was all fabulous. My friends and I were all reading it that summer it came out. None of her men were hot, she couldn't ride, almost everyone was trying to humilliate her, and she had soccer mom hair. I wasn't too jelly. Princess Anne's stable of horses is another matter. I would rather have been Anne. 

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    No.  I did not want to be Diana, Princess of Wales. I did not want to be married to the Prince of Wales. Diana had too public a life, pestered by paparazzi, unfairly criticized...

    I liked some of her clothes and one did not need to be married to Charles to acquire similar outfits.

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    Not in a million years.   And I didn't 'envy' her for one moment.  She was a woman clearly totally out of her depth married to a man who should have been allowed to marry the woman he  loved.   She certainly did not 'represent everything I wanted'.

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  • As a man, I have to say I could see advantages to being fabulously wealthy and being able to play with breasts whenever I wanted. 

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    Not at all.  Life in a fishbowl would not be my thing. 

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