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Delayed or autism HELP ! ?

my son is 21 months old I always thought he was slow with learning and he also walks on tippy toes (not as much as he used to but here and their he still does) his speech is delayed but he does no 10 words he doesn’t play with other kids and he seem behind in learning for his age he doesn’t really respond to his name he daydream A lot and seem to be in his own world the daycare told me my son was delayed so I took him to the Pediatrician and he failed the Mchat test by 4 points he also failed the hearing test the docto said it was some fuild in his right ear it could be becus he is about to get a cold or a ear infection (my son seem perfectly fine his not sick or seem to be getting a ear infection to me ) they want to retest him in 3 months she also said the Fluid In his ear has nothing to do with his delay in learning she said he still can learn and talk even with the small bit of Fluid in his ear people are around my son they say he acts like a normal child but to me I sometimes see autistic Symptoms my son does know say his number abcs or body part only his nose he babbling a lot and act so much younger then his age is this sign of autism or is it normal ??? Answe pls


He DOESNT Say his name or know his abcs or number or body parts 

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  • Tulip
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    9 months ago

    Get over it he's,a baby yet

  • 9 months ago

    Get some mental help for yourself. The child doesn't have autism and is not delayed. He's a NORMAL child and you are over reacting and looking to stick a label on the poor child 

    Not all kids are on the same track and don't do the same things other kids do. 

    Day dreaming is NORMAL. Kids do that a lot. Get used to that

    Not responding is a discipline issue. He has no reason to bother to listen to you since you don't discipline him for it, you just keep calling his name and do nothing else so he has learned to ignore you 

  • Carmen
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    9 months ago

    As parents we always know when something isn’t right a wise person sees danger and protects themselves so being in imperfect bodies anything is possible but knowledge is power so no matter what the ending results may be just stay on it early detection the best medicine keep loving your child be patient understanding and don’t assume get answers your child deserves them also he is innocent and precious cherish that don’t give up.

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    Ma'am, the fluid in your child's ears will definitely play a part in their everyday functioning. It will affect their balance, their hearing, even their comprehension, as it could have a side effect of a headache making the child not want to bother with thinking bc it might hurt to think. 

    Hmm...this is perplexing. Have you ever thought to pray about this??? I once watched a show where a women's child could only say one word. She got so tired of that same word being said over and over and over again, that she prayed. After she prayed, she came up with the idea to teach her son the word, Healed, Healed, Healed. So her son started saying healed over and over again and she continued to pray. Some time later, her son got healed. A lot of people think miracles were just when Jesus walked the earth, but I think He'd do it again. What do you think?

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