Airbnb Organic Farm with Hemp in Asheville Name?

My husband and I are working towards opening up an Airbnb, Organic Farm, and Organic Hemp company located in Asheville North Carolina. All connected under one name, with a goal of encompassing a feeling of bliss. Where one can come escape the hectic life styles and escape into the mountain.Words we came up with that would explain the feeling of the property and the vibe we are hoping to portray are :

Sacred, majestic,magical,mystical, serenity, nirvana,glamping,wonderland, organic, green,blissful,enlightened,farm, hemp,pandessa,mountain,wanderlust, mother earth,nature,zen,universal,whimsical,woods. If any of the words that are listed would give off that vibe accompanied with Farms please leave us your opinion and leave us a comment or come up with your own idea. Thanks so much for your time we appreciate it :)

2 Answers

  • Anonymous
    8 months ago

    I don't like sacred, majestic or magical. In fact, if I'm reading your vibe correctly, you're not aiming for any of these, so it reads like you're trying too hard.

    I do like serenity, nature, mountain, woods and whimsical.  Also, if you're aiming for a feeling of bliss, that's another one you might include.

  • 8 months ago

    Good name:  It's likely illegal but you can stay anyways.

    Asheville has very tough short term vacation rental laws. 

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