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I am trying to find an old cowboy poem I heard years ago.?

The poem is about a cowboy that gets all kinds of advice about what He needs to be a good roper.  He is advised to get everything from a new rope to a new truck.  In the end He spends THOUSANDS of dollars to find out He just can’t rope

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    The poem is in the book that the little girl reads in the qt movie once upon a time in hollywood.....and in the Mueller report prepared by John carpenter............peace out. 

    Why do the heathen rage

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    The Catch Rope

    The cowboy threw his lariat

    The loop just landed wide.

    He dragged it in and threw again

    It went to the other side.

    Once more he threw the rope it flew

    And missed just short this time.

    The cowgirl grabbed ahold the rope

    And now, it fit just fine.

    She snugged it 'round her tiny waist

    And with a cowgirl grin,

    Hand over hand with easy grace

    She reeled the cowboy in.

    © George Bourbeau

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    Try where people put songs in and you can get a copy of any for free....all the great singers music in in there and I bet you find the song listed in there somewhere....

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