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California teachers, can you help answer this question?

I m thinking about moving to Los Angeles, CA in 2020. I am a English teacher, and have experience working for a public school district. I hold a bachelor s degree but have years of experience in the classroom. How much would a California teacher make working at a public school system, given my qualifications and experience? I m asking because I was told that the annual wage is around 74-75K. For teachers out there, would I be able to make this much?

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    Did you look up the cost of living in and around LA? The cost of an average priced home.  Cost of rent for an one bedroom apartment in a decent /safe area? That salary won’t go far.

    Then there is dealing with the traffic and smog. 

    You can look up salaries online 

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    You can look up salary schedules for any public school. But yes, for LA Unified and Santa Monica you could make mid $70s with experience and credits. (Santa Monica paying a bit more than LAUSD as an example)

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