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Best way to get back at a neighbour?

A bit of context is that this neighbour has been watching us while walking our dogs and goes on the grass where they usually do their business (which we clean up) the very first time he stopped us at a late night to tell us that we didn't clean up our dog poop (which wasn't ours) so we basically told him we are not cleaning up after others if you want it picked up than do it yourself, I'm guessing this didn't sit well with him as he makes it clear that he is watching us even once coming out of a coffee shop just to stare us down, I basically to the point where I just want to fight him as it's very irritating when being watched, we have confronted him about it and even the police which lead to nothing, we reported to our owner of the apartment that basically begged us to take him to court, but him getting kicked out of the apartment feels to far. He also told us he is the owner and manager of the building which he isn't as we spoke to the real owner and manager. What's the best way to get back at this fool ?? 

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    Just continue cleaning up after your dog and ignore him.  It's up to him to get proof that it is you who isn't cleaning up after a pet.

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    State back at him with cold dead eyes 

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    **** on their lawn a day before they use the lawnmower.

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    You letting your neighbor get at you. 

    Buy two whips. Bull whips. I got one from amazon relatively in expensively.

    Tell him if "you are going to keep harassing me I'm going to use this".

    If he harrasses you again  take that whip out and whip yourself and whip yourself good with it!

    Stare at your neighbor the whole time in a level unfeeling way, do not let him out of your sight.

    If your neighbor tries to leave follow him.

    After your done throw that whip down and state "this is yours. That's the only time your going to see me whipped. If you bother us again I'll use one on you."

    Then walk away and continue on with your life. But keep the second bull whip on your belt in case your neighbor opens your neighbor opens    mouth again. Put it in a bag if you want bull whips are tools not dangerous weapons.

    Then if your neighbor bothers you other than pleasent good days use it on your neighbor.

     your neighbor  can always try to use the other on you if   your neighbor   grabbed it with some idea your neighbor is some expert with bull whips. your neighbor won't be just some greedy introvert obnoxiously thinking your neighbor has rights because your neighbor brownnoses stronger people than itself.

    Then file with the land office for the land on behalf of the united states.

    your neighbor is obviously a turd.

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    Love your neighbour is always a good  suggestion.Help him clean up the mess others leave behind.

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    We had that problem with our neighbor walking her dog on the sidewalk and letting the dog do its business on our front law if the dog felt like it or really any other neighbor's lawn that is on their walking path, and she was not cleaning it up.  We outright told to keep her dog off our grass and we did not want it doing its thing on our grass. Not too far away (less than 150 feet) there is a great grass area where she could take her dog and not intrude on our grass or anyone else.  She got the message and started doing as we requested.  You know what she said to us when we told her that we did not like her dog doing stuff on our grass? she said....oh I did notice that the dog liked doing it in that area (our front lawn). some people are just idiots.

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    Just keep telling him to fvck off if he keeps harassing you. If he throws the first punch you can always fight back and do some damage because it will be self-defense.  Just don’t mess him up in a way that he’ll fall backwards and hit his head on the pavement and die because then you might be up for manslaughter. I would suggest a nice little kick to the shin or groin or stomp on his instep or something to the breadbasket.  Or a combo. For instance you can rake down his shin with the edge of your shoe which is very painful and then end up with a stomp to the instep which is also very painful. He won’t be able to run after you after that either. Try to avoid shots to the head if possible unless he comes with a knife, piece of lumber or a tire iron. Then you may have to. Even a slap to the face might suffice. Hard. Make it sting. But a nice low leg can kick can be quite effective just avoid the knee so you don’t break it. Low kicks are just as effective as high ones  maybe even more so. And he won’t see the big wind-up so he won’t have time to jump out of the way if you do it right. Just short, low trajectory and quick.  Even better, approach him standing sideways, crab-like, move towards him and fake with a punch to the head but don’t follow through and while he’s distracted by that then you go in with the low kick to the shin. Works very well. Perfect fake out. It might make him think twice. But only if he throws the first. Remember, self-defense. You already documented that he’s been harassing you so that’s good. There’s a record of it now. 

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    10 months ago

    Grow up. "getting back" is immature and stupid. Ignore him!

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    10 months ago

    Apart from setting your dog on him, see a lawyer about the harassment and distress he's causing you and for him to pay any legal cost incurred.

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    10 months ago

    Kill him with kindness, a combination of pride and guilt will bring him around to your way of thinking. imagine the look on your worst enemy's face if you hand him the most exquisite gift for Christmas the shock to the system will change his mind dramatically and very quickly.

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