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Need some help with history! ?

1: who was a real-time "rags-to-riches" man, making a fortune in the steel industry and then giving much of his wealth to charities? 

A, Leland Stanford

B, Andrew Carnegie

C, Thomas Durant

D, Joseph Pulitzer

2: Which labor activist started his career as a member, and later president, of the cigarmarkers union? A, Samuel GompersB, Cyrus McCormackC, Thomas HaggertyD, Upton Sinclair3: which social reformer, originally from Denmark, was known for taking pictures of the hardships that immigrants faced?A, Carl SchurzB, Thomas NastC, Jacob RiisD, Ely Beach4: which social activist was determined to make Americans aware of the struggles and hardships if working children? A, Lincon SteffensB, Ray Stannard BakerC, Mother JonesD, Nelly Bly5: which preservationist was instrumental in establishing a national park to protect Yosemite Valley? A, Clarence DarrowB, Joseph PulitzerC, John MuirD, Leland Stanford6: which leader of tammany hall grew rich through corruption but did little to solve new York's pollution, sanitation, or housing problems? A, William TweedB, Jacob RiisC, P.T. BarnumD, Andrew Carnegie7:what was the goal of prohibitionists? 

A, to restrict immigration quotas

B, to outlaw the consumption of alcohol

C, to overturn Jim Crow laws

D, to ban child labor practices

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  • Marli
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    8 months ago

    Surely they are in your textbook or available by searching via Google.  Or were they discussed in class?

    I did not study American history, yet I know the answers to 4 of your 7 questions, so they must be popular heroes in the U.S.

    p.s.  If you are female, (or male) read about Nellie Bly in your spare time.  I read "Eighty days : Nellie Bly and Elizabeth Bisland's history-making race around the world" By Goodman, Matthew.   She was an intrepid investigative reporter. I was blown away by where she went and what she did to get a story. How many people voluntarily enter an insane asylum as a patient?  Miss Bisland was a Southern lady who wrote about books; but taking the assignment to go around the world in the opposite direction and beat Nellie back to New Jersey was intrepid too for a ladylike woman.  Really.  Read about Nellie Bly's adventures.

  • Joseph
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    8 months ago

    You have the sum of the world's knowledge literally at your fingertips.  All you have to do is to do a Google search of these people.  Then you will know who they were for the rest of your life.  I suggest you let your fingers do the walking and not rely on random strangers giving you (possibly incorrect) answers.

  • Phil
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    8 months ago

    B. AC.   is the answer.

  • TB12
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    8 months ago

    No, what you need to do is get off the computer and break open your textbook, no one on here is interested in doing your homework for you.

    And to think, a quick Google search would have provided all your answers by now.

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