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Reps really are obviously patriotic and not suckers..i mean. Honest anticorruption donnie doing the business of our country and interacting?

With putin so much..and withholding from putins enemy ukrain..donnie is so innocent

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    Obama used drones to murder people willy nilly, while American and Western country reporters and aid workers routinely got their heads chopped off in the desert, and ISIS began growing and spreading into Europe, terrorizing European cities in the name of radical religious terrorism, and citing these drone killings of innocent people as their justification. Bush lied about Saddam having WMD's and got us into a more than decade long war over in the Middle East. I used to drive by my former high school and see names of classmates being memorialized on the reader board as having died over there serving in our military.

    Both administrations had sucky economies.

    Now we have no wars, booming economy, and you're so comfortable and have nothing else to talk about, you get to complain and be sarcastic about whether or not you think Trump likes Putin or Ukraine, and whether or not his relations with these two irrelevant countries is 'innocent' or not.

    Let me put it this way, NOBODY'S DEAD from where I grew up anymore, because of our current president. Can't say the same for the past two.

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