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Scared that I am dying? ?

I have been recovering from a stomach bug but had been getting frequent (though manageable) dizzy spells and anxiety attacks weeks beforehand. The attacks worsened every hour or two hours after my sickness. It was mostly just short rapid breaths, slight chest pain, dizziness and uncontrollable shaking. I spent nearly sleepless nights lying awake because I was scared if I fell asleep I would die. My parents are not worried since I have a history with anxiety it could just be panic attacks. When I went to the doc yesterday for a blood test I was having hot flushes and was scared I would pass out and die. Sometimes thinking about it brings it on, sometimes it just happens.  

My results of the test come back on Monday, but I'm worried that something will happen before then. Right now I feel fatigued but can't sleep, there's a lumpy dry feeling in my throat and I feel weak. This all started last Friday. I'm terrified I have cancer or aplastic anemia or that I'm just slowly deterioarating from a terminal illness. Is it likely I have something bad?      


I am on 150mg of sertraline (SSRIs) but I'm considering upping my dosage. Right now I have eaten, but the food feels like it's sitting in my chest and it's very uncomfortable.   

Update 2:

It's making my heart beat faster. 

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  • Anonymous
    8 months ago

    This is all severe anxiety--I know, I've been there. The sleepless nights, scared of dying in your sleep, the hot flushes, the lump in the throat etc are TEXTBOOK anxiety symptoms.

    You already had an idea you suffer from this--why are you not taking medication for it and receiving some kind of counselling?

    It can be a hell on earth and yes, the symptoms are very real--they just have no organic cause. Forget the blood tests and all, tell the dr you must have some help with your anxiety. Once you lose the FEAR, the symptoms will also go away.

  • Anonymous
    8 months ago

    Yes, you have an illness. Hypochondria.

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