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A) Construct a tree diagram to show the possibilities of needing new brake pads and brake discs.?

At its 40,000-mile service, the probability of a car needing new brake pads is 0.3. If it does need brake pads, the probability of it also needing new brake discs is 0.8. If not, the probability of needing brake discs is 0.3.

1 Answer

  • In 100 cases

    30 will need new brake pads

    24 of those 30 will need new brake disks as well

    70 will not need new brake pads

    21 of those 70 will need new brake disks

    49 will need neither

    49 No pads, no disks

    21 No pads, yes disks

    6 Yes pads, no disks

    24 Yes pads, Yes disks

    That's out of 100 cases

    0.49 NN

    0.21 NY

    0.06 YN

    0.24 YY

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