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Chance of Pregnancy?

I had sex (with a condom) a couple of times while I was on the last three placebo pills. I took my last set of pills exactly on time and I got my period as normal at this time and had sex towards the end of it (last day if it to be exact). During the week though I took an ambien one night, OTC sleeping pills another night, and a naproxen (headache medicine) another night, and smoked weed another night. To my knowledge these don’t effect effectiveness of my pill (please correct me if I am wrong). I started my next pack of pills on time. Do I have the same effectiveness of my birth control since I took the pills at the exact time and started my new pack on time? 

I know this may be tmi but I just want some ease of mind if possible. Thanks :)

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    The so called placebo pills are dummies just to keep you in the habit of taking something every day and contain no active ingredient.  It is important to restart taking the active pills on time.  If you take the pill carefully you can have sex at any time in your cycle and have a less than 1% chance per year of getting pregnant without pulling out or other protection.  Using a condom at the same time makes pregnancy very unlikely indeed.

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    You are completely covered, you took them like you are supposed to, and the others don’t interact with birth control.

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