Is this a poem or prose?

Flint lock

On a not so cold December morning

Over a not so hot cup of coffee

As I sat and watched her through my window

I wondered what can this girl be thinking

Thus cute little stick figure of a child

Now standing upon the front porch

Of the empty trailer next door to mine


As she tip toes to look in the Window

I move the blind to get a better view

Soft white and clean where her tennis shoes

With loose fitting blue jeans

She turned and sat down

Pulling the things from the front pockets of a blue hoodie that 

Said,"grumpy" in ratterd and tattered

Letters across the front of her chest

Update 2:

She lined up all her little treasures

It looked like one hair clip

And several stones if gravel

And a spent twenty two shell casing

Update 3:

And then she started playing

With half an old clam shell

As she stood up and walked over

To the curb.she knelled down

And I could see her under the full moon gathering tiny pieces of

Sparkling broken glass

Update 4:

As I began to think to myself, this is quite a show.

She closes one hand upon some glass and gives it a blow

Then as if to roll the dice

I think she was shaking off the dust

Update 5:

As I began to get a little bit excited

She walks back over and sits down

Upon the porch still removing trinkets from her block long deep pockets

Update 6:

Now her very own treasures lost

Or discarded 

But now it's time for me to go

And as I head out I stop and ask her

Are you thirsty or Hungary or anything?

Update 7:

And she only says no thanks and ask me could she get a cigarette and a lite

I give her the last 3 or 4 in a pack and a small box of wooden matches

She says thanks and have a nice day

Update 8:

As she pulls a small piece of broken glass from her front pocket and lays it on top of the mirror of a medicine cabinet that happened tobe on my front porch and pushes a cigarette down on top of it

Update 9:

I came home from work that day

And walked over to the vacant porch

To look at all the little things she left

And along side the little to rock and stuff was that pack still had a couple in it and a pike of wooden matches

But I quess she kept the empty box

1 Answer

  • Ivan
    Lv 6
    9 months ago

    Pedophilia more like it. Sickko

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