How to budget $3,600 a month in NYC? ?

I want to pay $900 a month to pay off my school loans. However, I believe that the minimum I need to pay is $700ish. Rent in Queens is usually around $1400 a month. With those two factors in mind, would someone be able to give a rough budget? Thanks

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  • 10 months ago

    Don't eat out and learn how to shop and cook like poor people do that is buy bulk food like big bags of rice and dried beans, nothing processed. You small amounts of meat or poultry or fish with lots of rice or pasta or beans. You can make very cheap but tasty meals this way. If you don't know how to cook this way get a cook book that tells you how to do about any type of dish such as the Joy of Cooking. Don't pay for expensive things like cable TV you can use a smart phone to create a hot spot for the internet and this will allow you to watch many of the networks like CNN. or any of the other news networks. When you buy things look for bargains. Use public transportation which is quite good in NY even walk or ride a bike which is healthy. I lived in Boston for 15 years without owning a car and finally bought one when I got a job that was quite far and eventually move there. If you really need a car get a good used one.

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    10 months ago

    That's really cutting it close. Subway passes are maybe $125 per month.  You'd be bringing your lunch to work every day and wouldn't really have any funds for anything other than are bare-bones existence.  Is NYC worth that?

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