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Why isn't Season 4 of Victorious on Netflix?

They have the first 3 seasons. Why not the 4th?

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    According to Reddit, all the episodes are there   

    Apparently, the episode have been reordered and 

    and Netflix combined what was  Season  3 and 4 into one 

    season 3  

    on Nickelodeon Originally. 


    Below are all the original Season 4 

    episodes On Nick  

    Followed by NF and where there are on Netflix  

    1. Wanko's Warehouse  S4 Ep1  NF  S3 Ep 12  

    2. The Hambone King S4, Ep2   NF  S3 Ep 14  

    3. Opposite Date S4, Ep3  NF  S3 Ep 17  

    4. Three Girls and a Moose S4, Ep4  NF S3 Ep 19  

    5. Cell Block S4, Ep5    NF S3 , Ep 18  

    6. Tori Fixes Beck and Jade S4, Ep6  NF  S3 Ep 20  

    7. One Thousand Berry Ball sS4, Ep7  NF  S3 Ep 26  

    8. Robbie Sells Rex S4, Ep8   NF S3 Ep 21  

    9.  The Bad Roommate S4, Ep9  NF S3 Ep 22  

    10.  Brain Squeezers S4, Ep10  NF S3 Ep 24  

    11. The Slap Fight S4, Ep11  NF S3 Ep 27  

    12. Star-Spangled ToriS4, Ep12 NF  S3 Ep 25   

    13, Victori-Yes  S4, Ep13  NF  S3 Ep 23 

    So all 13 episodes from original 

    Season 4  are now part of Netflix Season 3 

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    Everyone's making votes I guess

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