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Does the penis frenulum get removed completely during a full circumcision?

I had a partial circumcision almost a year ago for medical reasons, therefore my frenulum was not removed. However i still have problems and probably a second circumcision may be needed to remove the whole foreskin. (Haven't consulted my doctor yet though).


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    It is normal during a full circumcision to remove the frenulum as it has no further use without a foreskin to pull back onto the glans. Furthermore, retaining the frenulum can stop the foreskin being cut evenly as it pulls on the underside.

    A few doctors don't automatically remove the foreskin and a patient can ask for as much of it as possible to be retained if they wish.

    Again, whether the frenulum absolutely has to go or not depends on the positioning of the circumcision cut. A low cut necessarily removes most of the frenulum along with the inner foreskin to which it is attached.

    A revision of a circumcision requires a more skilled surgeon than an original circ as he has to work with 'secondhand' material and patient expectations are greater. It is often best to get a revision done at one of the speciallist circumcision clinics as the doctors there do nothing but circumcisions all day, whereas the average hospital urologist may do one a month, if that, since he is usually doing more complex surgery - often life saving cancer removals, etc.

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    Depends on the doctor performing the circumcision.

    I was circumcised at birth, but the doctor only took the very tip - leaving me with most (if not all) of the sensitive nerve endings, as well as enough foreskin that it can slide easily, allowing me to masturbate without lube.

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