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So, Why 30-year-olds don't want to acknowledge they are middle-aged?

If the first section of life is between 0-30, the second section between 30-60 (Right in the MIDDLE) and finally 60-90 in the last section.

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    Your division of the average human lifespan into equal, 30-year tranches is logical and totally acceptable, but typically humans have relegated people into those three divisions based on appearance or social circumstances.  So you are sort of swimming against the current, there.

    If you have few creases in your facial skin, and are not crippled by chronic disease, they think you are a youth.  If your skin is like cellophane, you can't stand upright, or  all you can offer socially is your recollections of life, then they think you are in the last segment of life:  "old age", or "being a senior".  If you aren't either, (particularly if you are fat) then you are "middle aged"...and it doesn't matter WHAT your age is.  That's the way most people do it.

    Most 30 year-olds in the West are fat, but not yet all skin-crinked - so they want to pretend that they are still slim, and therefore still youths.

    But truth be told, the middle section of our lives is the 30-60 year interval.  That's when we are "middle aged" regardless of what most people think.

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    lol @ 30 being middle aged..

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    Life isn't neatly divided into thirds.

    And anyway - why do we need to label people as anything?

    I'd call anyone under 40 young.

    And I'm 65 but I certainly wouldn't call myself old!  I still work and do everything I've always done.  I might concede to being a bit old in another ten years, but I wouldn't bet on it!

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    You are stupid 30 is not middle aged 50 is middle aged 

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    The life expectancy of a human being is 100 years. So 50’s is middle-aged. To be middle-ages one should be half way through their life expectancy, and not a mere quarter of the way.

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    Why is that important?  Why do we need everything to have a label?

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    Because that's not the way most people figure it. 0-10 is childhood 11-19 is teenage years 20-34 is young adulthood 35-49 is adulthood 50-65 is middle age Over 65 is old age

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    What category you fit into depends on how old you are. To a 15 year old, 30 is at least middle-aged, to a 60 year old, 30 is young. Old is ten years older than you are at the moment. When you are 20, old is 30; when you are forty, old is 50; when you are 70, old is 80.

    In any case, age is more than just physical years. I've seen old men of 25 and young men of 65.

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    The US Census lists the category middle age from 45 to 65.

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