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Can I have ?

A house cleaner what would she do clean my house sweep the floors, how much do they charge per hours? Thank you! One room is good thank you 

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    Step 1: get a prostitute pregnant

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    Now u don't hav to buy a cleaner. Problems solved, more money for robux

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    9 months ago

    The less they do, the more it costs.  You are a Pain In The A.ONE room.  It better be 1000 sq feet. otherwise no one is interested.

     The fact you can't do it yourself means it is time for the little room of velvet.

    Just calling it as I see it.  You are useless.People have LIVES.  Just the way it is.

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    It depends on where you are located. I don't mean the area I mean the country. there are cheap labor in certain countries. but if you live in that country. it may not sound so cheap to you.  

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    10 months ago

    Yes you can all ways

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    depends on location and local labor costs. suggest you telephone several agencies and ask

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    10 months ago

    If you can afford a housekeeper then you may hire one. He or she would do whatever tasks you agreed upon. What they charge varies on whom you hire, the going rate for housekeepers in your area, and what you want them to do. 

    People post here from around the world. No one can tell you what a housekeeper in your area might charge and what specific tasks they will or will not do.

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