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What does the British royal family do and why do people love them?

I don’t see them doing any work at all apart from handshakes and attending random events. While they live the most privileged lives imaginable, top healthcare, 24/7 security, top education, get to travel the world, own estates, live in palaces, wear the best clothing brands around. Wake up people they are just celebrities like the Kardashians born into wealth and fame.  

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    Theyre useless parasites, being allowed to horde the people's money and live in splendor without any real purpose at all!.

  • 8 months ago

    Good question.  They inherited trillions from ancient military warlords , slavery and banksters. I don't know why people dote over them. People are such sheople

  • 8 months ago

    They inherited TRILLIONS in wealth stolen from the English. And the English are so f**ing stupid they let them keep it, and live in squalor as a result, and even hero worship the USELESS ROBBERS WHO DO NOTHING!  Gahd, the English suck!

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