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Why are these signs disrespected signs like Aries Pisces Aquarius and Taurus?

When they are telling the truth.


Are they the only hardworking ones. Because we tolerate a lot. 

Update 2:

I'm not Christian but thanks for the digression. 

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  • Anonymous
    8 months ago
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    Rodney may have been one of those signs.

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  • Snoopy
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    8 months ago

    People who disrespect others such as the other dumb answer that was on here earlier on do that because they are dumb. That's really all. No other explanation. 

    So yeah it's up to you what you want to do :) there is no good nor bad way to deal with it. Just be yourself. If they have an issue with that then they are clearly the issue. 

  • Anonymous
    8 months ago

    It’s probably people who are threatened by them and can’t be around eachother. Think of them like demon possessed and they try to kill their peace and love killing Christians and people like that. Don’t hang around them. There problem solved. Stay away from jealous/envious people. Thee is no winning with them and is just a waste of effort. 

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