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I just fell on my knee at the street, what to do to make it better?

I fell and I used my hand but my left knee hit really bad, I did not pay attention and kept walking. Then I realized that my pants got ripped and my knee skin got scratched very bad and blood was everywhere. I tried to clean it up but skin was still tearing apart and the injury site is pink and bleeding. I cleaned with alcohol and put bandage but still painful. what can I do at home to make it better?

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    I skinned one knee really badly several years ago. The biggest thing I did that helped was to keep it bent nearly all the time as the scab formed. Then it didn't rip when I had to bend my knee. If you keep it straight, that's what will happen.

    Keep it clean, washing it with soap. Use the bandage to protect it from rubbing your clothes if you need to, but it will help it heal faster if you don't keep it bandaged all the time. I'm female, so I'd put on a skirt at home and let it be without a bandage in the evenings.

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    Hydrogen peroxide followed by Neosporin and an aspirin if it is still "painful".

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