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Is there an app or a website where I can practice krav maga foot drills, etc? ?

I started krav maga class yesterday. They want me to work on foot drills, blocks and punches.

I just started and it seems a little tricky for me. she wants me to get this hatch but at the same time she doesn't want me to get frustrated, and yes the instructor is a she.

the only problem is after I leave class, how am I supposed to remember everything that I was taught?

Should they have an app or something like that, so that students can practice at home? They only teach twice a week, because everybody is working, and some people don't have time to go to school everyday.

Btw I'm learning disabled which makes it hard to catch up sometimes, is it my fault that I can't get it?

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    No one expects you to remember everything taught on the first day, but you should had at the very least remember some or even one thing you did in class - if you had been paying attention.

    Don't be in such a hurry to go along. When you are drilling, make it a point to remember what you are doing. Don't just blindly follow. And don't be in such a hurry to go home after class. You could easily had ask the instructor or a classmate about the day's lesson before you head home. At the very least, try to remember ONE thing you can work on at home. You can even bring a notepad to class and after class write down as much as you can remember about the day's lesson.

  • Steel
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    Nobody expects you to remember everything that is taught in class. When I teach, I'll throw 20 concepts/techniques at students and if 5 stick, I'm happy. Concentrate on practicing some concepts you remember best and once you're comfortable with those, attempt to remember others. If you can find an app to help jog your memory, more power to you.

    Some teachers don't want students to practice something they might be unsure of at the risk of practicing incorrectly, but I'm of the mindset that I'd rather have a student practice something incorrectly, ask me about it in the next class, and then have us spend a couple minutes to correct it rather than having to re-teach the same concept all over again.

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