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How old is too old for soft play? ?

So I’ve won a competition at my local soft play centre for a Christmas party of 15 children. I messaged my friends with details anyway one of them has replied she’ll need 3 tickets for her children, her kids are 4, 7 and 14 years old. Now I really would like her to bring the younger two as it’s more their age but honestly how would you feel about the 14 year old? It’s a soft play centre with them little plastic balls and slides not somewhere you’d expect a teenager to be. I think that ticket should go to one of my other friends children but how do I say this without annoying her! 

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    8 months ago

    Why would you worry about annoying her?  You could apologize, I suppose, for not making it clear this is for little kids, but that's something she should know herself.   Just tell her you're sorry, but he's too old for this activity.   Don't say the ticket should go to a younger child.  There's  no need to say that, because it might make her defensive.  If he's too old, he's too old.

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    It's a party with children soo likely parents are allowed to stay too right? If soo you could give her 2 tickets and let her decide if she wants to bring her 14 year old to hang with the grown ups. If it's more strict about space and you didn't specifically promise her 3 tickets then you should just be honest and say you needed the other ticket for your other friends little kid. The 14 year old probably won't find much interest in the place, might have only wanted to go for the snacks or food that's usually at parties.

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    8 months ago

    What happens if you annoy her? You're not being unreasonable. Just be a grown up and tell her the party is not suitable for a 14yo and explain why if she's too dense to get it.

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