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Will Australia ever get an immigration election. Or is Britain a far more democratic country not ruled by greedy rent seekers?

The British people are voting on immigration a second time today. Aussies haven't voted once on this policy. Elections mean nothing if there's no opportunity to vote on immigration.

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    The conservatives have won in the UK .  One of the promises of Boris Johnson is to cut immigration .  Congratulations to the UK for making the right decision  

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    Too   late     .

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    This wasn’t an election on immigration. It was just an election on getting Brexit out of the way. This has gone on for far too long. It’s time to put it to bed and move on. 

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    The vote today is about a new House of Commons nothing to do with

    immigration the NHS much more important.

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    They're not voting on immigration.  They're voting on whether a complete and utter whackjob like Corbyn should become PM.

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