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Why is there a rise in Christianity within formally communist states?

Is it because places like once Soviet Russia integrated Atheism within politics and society and forced believers into "reeducation camps" for believing in Jesus? Historically, why have Atheist not been able to keep their religion and state separate when Atheism is the prominent religion? 

I have noticed that anywhere Atheism is left unchecked, they begin to kill and enslave their own countrymen. Yet when people are given free will, and there is no attempt at forced Atheism, they choose Jesus. 

If Atheism is such the 'logical' choice, why do most people choose Jesus when there's no communist Atheist government to force their Atheist dogma onto the masses? 

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    It's because Jesus Christ gives hope. 

    Socialism thrives on depriving people of their humanity, of convincing them that they are too weak to take care of themselves, and should look to the government to provide for their needs.  And as a matter of fact, ON PAPER that looks appealing.  But in the long run, it cannot work, BECAUSE PEOPLE NEED THINGS THAT GOVERNMENT CANNOT PROVIDE.  

    We're human beings, and we're individuals.  We need more than food, clothing, shelter and medical care.   We are social creatures:  we need human contact.  Each person needs self-respect, and a feeling of CONTRIBUTION, a belief that one has contributed something positive, preferably something lasting, to the world around us.  If you don't believe that, try doing nothing for a few weeks but staying in bed and watching TV.   I promise you, you will be not just bored,  YOU WILL BE DEPRESSED, and very likely angry with yourself.  

    Government cannot give you willpower, imagination, interests of your own or friends.  Government can often feed your body, but IT CANNOT FEED YOUR SOUL.  And socialism works hard to convince you that you don't have one, and don't need one.  Socialism fails when people realize they want more than the basic necessities of life, as in asking "Is this all there is?"  Atheism responds, "Yes, this is all there is to life."  

    Socialist governments, therefore, tend to be officially atheistic, and to strongly oppose Christianity.  A socialist, atheistic government cannot risk having the people living under it find out that Jesus, God incarnate, can wash souls clean of sins, of guilt, and the fear of punishment and death that sins bring.  A socialist, atheist government wants, as you said, to enslave you, and kill your soul if not your body.  A socialist, atheistic government cannot risk having anyone know the joy, the peace, the freedom of hearts and minds that Jesus Christ gives 😃

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    Why do you tell so many silly LIES?

    Do you totally lack education?

    Stalin was raised a Catholic and controlled the Russian Orthodox Church – in the top ten of Christian denominations. Lenin was a baptised member of the Russian Orthodox Church and never ventured to go beyond the opinion that the Church and the clergy were part of the ruling classes, - Marx was a lifelong Christian and is buried in Highgate cemetery in London. Russia has always been Christian which is why St Basil’s Cathedral is at the heart of the Kremlin!

    The REALITY is Christianity is shrinking faster year on year because people like YOU not only drive people further away from God but are the reason so many DECENT people are becoming ANTI THEISTS!

    Pew News reports Christianity is shrinking with a corresponding rise in atheism!

    Five times as many Americans in 2014 said they never prayed compared to those asked the same question in the 1980s

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    Monkey slapping section >> that way.


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    because a halfwit like christ will keep promising the victims of communism everything in the world, and simply die again having given them nothing but false hope and empty dreams. 

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    You raise an interesting question. In places like Poland, East Germany, Russia, Romania, etc they had communist dictatorships that operated under the ideology of state atheism. This state atheist ideology promised paradise and utopia once organized religion was done away with. Obviously that was both a myth and a failed experiment. Instead you had repression against people because of their beliefs. It just goes to show that power can corrupt. When it's religious institutions in power, or atheistic ones. 

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