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At what point it starts being animal cruelty?

In your opinion when does it starts being animal cruelty?

I'm going to share a brief account of the time my friend and I were jerks to my neighbor's male cat. Though we never hurt him. It was more like annoying him and it wasn't too often either.

We (both in 6th grade at the time) used to cover him with mud/dirt, wetting him with juice or painting his tail (just the tail though) blue. The neighbor had to clean him all over again. Eventually we got caught and our parents gave us the greatest scolding of our lives, followed by getting grounded.

We did felt bad afterwards and apologized to the guy a month later. So at what point do you think it starts heading towards animal cruelty?


Like mentioned, we never had any intent of hurting him. Nothing disgusting nor extreme. It was more like teasing him.

Update 2:

Nathan, his cat lived for 6 more years. He died of old age. We learnt our lesson though and never harass him or any animal like that again. We were then nice to him at all times.

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    At least you felt bad and apologized and were later nice to the cat. Kudos for that. There's too many people in this world that are cruel and never feel bad about it. You can forgive yourself now. We all do dumb things when we're young. 

  • Nathan
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    What you did was animal cruelty. Teasing is hurting, it's deliberately upsetting someone or something for your own amusement.

    Cats groom themselves 80% of the time, I doubt you used non toxic paint, so he would of licked the paint you put on his tail which would of caused serious harm (even just a little could lead him needing veterinary attention). 

    Animals develop lots of illnesses from stress, and without a doubt you caused him lots of it. I sure hope he did not develop any - you were extremely lucky if he didn't. That is animal cruelty.

  • Anonymous
    8 months ago

    boys sometimes do cruel things when younger. 

  • 8 months ago

    when the cat dont like it

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  • Anonymous
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    This all qualifies as animal abuse.  Especially painting his tail, which could have led to serious health problems.  Your parents were way too lenient - but bad parenting is likely the cause of being animal abusers.

  • Pearl
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    8 months ago

    when the animal dont like it

  • Anonymous
    8 months ago

    it was probably a bit rough on the cat but unfortunately, I have heard of a lot worse things being done to animals than that...and sadly all total legal too.

    Have you seen any factory farm footage or slaughterhouse videos? Sadly, as long as people continue to choose animals products (like meat, dairy, fur, leather, etc ) instead of the vegan alternatives (that there are plenty of nowadays)  the animal cruelty industry will never stop and I believe we will all pay a hefty price for what we continue to do to animals in the form of karma you see, you really have done nothing to this poor cat that most of us do to animals on a daily basis without a single thought. 

    When it comes to animal cruelty that is the last kind of thing I would feel bad about. 

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    When the animal is distressed it is abuse.

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