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“Stupid question” Should i get tested Monday or wait to see if i get my period that week? ?

So, like the idiot i am, I had unprotected sex almost 2 weeks ago with a guy i met two years ago. When we first met I wanted to get to know him and see what happens. It never got anywhere .. he would ghost me or stand me up or was really closed off to himself (Cancer Sign 🦀). I moved on and focused on me. He messaged me (on social media), end up exchanging numbers and he met up (Dec. 2nd), so i can talk cause i have A lot going on. Last time I’ve seen him was May. He’s the only guy I’ve been with over the last couple years. (That’s not on purpose. I’ve tried having convos with people on dating sites and it’s just horrible).

“Why are you talking to this guy? Or why are you giving him a chance?”, you ask. I don’t have any friends (grown apart, disagreements, always taken advantage of). I’m alone and an introvert. I always enjoyed talking to him cause he always saw a better outlook on life than i had (i have low self esteem) and he would always tell me to make time for myself (I help out my immediate family/neighbor’s and i ALWAYS put myself last or forget about myself. Which is an issue of mine I care too much about people and always help out and barely get anything in return. 

Back to my original question. Should i wait until Monday to get tested (pregnancy & STD testing) or should i wait to see if i get my period next week? Also, i have pain in my ovaries, that’s usually a sign my period is coming. But, I’m still worried. I’m 31, btw. I’m smart, but make dumb decisions. 

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    "he would ghost me or stand me up or was really closed off to himself (Cancer Sign 🦀)" sorry but that sounds NOTHING like a cancer. cancers are hopeless romantics. the guy just don't like you and wanted to use you because it was super easy of him to do. 

    idk why you gave us so much info, when really this just needs to be in the pregancy section asking this question about your period, when you last had your period and when you last had sex and when your next period is supposed to start...

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  • 1 month ago

    I'd say to wait for your period. If it doesn't come on-time, or you have vaginal discharge that is abnormal, I suggest you visit the doctor/gynecologist for testing.

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