please help!! I don't wanna be up all night because of this stupid question.?

In 3–5 sentences, explain the United States’ role in global conflict during Bill Clinton’s administration and evaluate whether the administration was successful at achieving its goals. Choose 1–2 examples to support your response.

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    I won't do your homework for you, but I will try to point you in the right direction. The Clinton Administration was the first full presidential administration to follow the fall of the Soviet Union. The world was unipolar in the 1990s as opposed to bipolar during the Cold War. That fact had the biggest impact in how the Clinton administration shaped US foreign policy. I'll let you take it from there. 

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    Suffer like we all did or be satisfied with a zero. 

    * and you’ve never answered a single HW question. 

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    No. you need to learn to do your own work, I did and got through school just fine WITHOUT the internet at my disposal.  

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