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Type rap lyrics about anything?

This is mine: 


they're good to eat,

but some don't have

a lot of meat.

They make good pets,

only if your not stupid,

so don't add to many,

or your waters get polluted.

They have no legs, 

so they can't ride bikes,

make sure you cycle your tank

or else ammonia spikes.

They like flake food, 

but pellets work too,

don't get many fin nippers,

or tails get chewed.

Don't get male bettas,

or they'll slaughter each other,

don't get different sexes,

or you'll have a mother.

When you get new fish,

don't get a lot,

or you'll find yourself,

in a financial knot.

I am about to press 

that button 'submit'

but first, I'll pray,

that this is gonna be a hit.

1 Answer

  • 10 months ago

    I'm reading this crap and it don't sound like rap

    You don't know 'bout rhythm

    You don't know 'bout rhyme

    And calling that rap is really a crime.....

    PEACE (mic drop)

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