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Religion imposes too many rules in my opinion?

For example, besides Ramadan, I know that the Orthodox have a kind of Ramadan, in which they cannot eat meat and derivatives.

Is it not enough to have faith to belong to a religion? A person can believe in God and still continue to eat meat because, in my opinion, it is enough to have faith . Food is the primary basic, why deny it if you are a believer? I can't understand it.

If I were a believer I wouldn't respect these food rules because I find them meaningless, what do you think about it?


If I was* sorry for the errors I'm learning

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    I am one who agrees with you. Too often various religions try to dictate how you may live your lifestyle, how much you must contribute to them and much more. I believe in living as I see fit and living a relatively clean lifestyle but don't see the need to attend church. I haven't been in about 55 years and don't consider myself a heathen.

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    I'm Orthodox Christian too

    I fast 40 days before the Easter

    We are not allowed to eat meat or anything organic some days not even fish or sea food 

    That is our own fasting 

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    Yes,food is the basic need but we Muslims believe that Allah takes care of everything,Allah is the provider,the purpose of Ramadan is to burn our desires,look good is important if we refrain from it for Allah why we can't refrain from lies,bad deeds, backbiting,Allah says keep fast so that you can become pious moreover in remaining 11 months Allah give us unlimited food and also through Ramadan we feel the importance of food plus a pain of hungry person in which we should thank Allah and help needy

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