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Do you have some pet quirks to share?

E.g., our Lab "buried" her bones in between the sofa cushions, then opened the TV guide, neatly tore out a page or two, and stuffed them down on top of the bone.

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  • marty
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    8 months ago
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    One of my dachshunds won't eat anything round, like if you cut a hot dog into round slices she won't touch them, but cut the rounds in half and she'll eat. She's that way with any type of food that's round.

  • Nathan
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    8 months ago

    My roborovski hamster, Phoenix, runs onto my feet when I'm walking and goes for a "ride" until I walk to wherever it was he wanted to be (i.e. His water bowl). My Instagram (@colliespets) features quite a few funny photos, including him dabbing, mainly on my story

  • 8 months ago

    If I tell my cockatiel off for doing something he knows he shouldn't do, he mocks me in a weird low scratchy voice and all it sounds like is "Vlughvlughberlghejighdgrrugrleh".

    When a new person comes into my room, my parakeet will hang upside down and stare at them. Every time I call my cat's name, she comes bounding up like a dog, and meows at me. (I know this one isn't THAT weird, cause a lot of cats do that, but she's the first one I've had that runs up) When we say the word "bath", my dog wags her tail and looks at us with her begging eyes, but when we call her into the bathroom she's scared of the water. (And she does know what bath means)

  • 8 months ago

    So if I put up a playpen to block off a litter pan and some plants (so dogs don't eat poo or plants) my cat cannot for the life of her figure out how to reach the litter pan. She would have to do the same exact thing she does if the pen isn't there. Shes so stupid and I love her. 

    This same cat also digs at the counter/floor before she takes a drink. Every time. I have never seen her just take a drink. 

    One of my other cats will immediately perk up and meow when I say her name in a high pitched voice. Even if shes asleep. She wake up suddenly and meows. But I only get one meow. If I say her name twice in a row she will not respond the second time.

    My cat has since forgotten this but at one point I taught her how to shake. It worked, but she took advantage of it. When I was eating she would tap my hand and then try to steal my food because she thought she earned it. 

    My moms cats love twist ties. They figured out what drawer they were stored in and every morning we find that drawer open and a twist tie (just one) on the floor. 

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  • 8 months ago

    Black kitty- Stretches up the wall or up our legs to get your attention, flops on the floor, and stretches out as long as he possibly can for belly rubs. Also, when we brush him, we have to have one brush in front of his face to bite on while we're brushing his body. 

    Tabby kitty- Announces himself when he walks into a room. Not even joking. We tested this and every time he followed us, as soon as he crossed the threshold, "REEEEOOOWWW!" Also, you cannot be on the couch on your phone or reading, anything in your hands without him plopping on your lap demanding pets. And, if you put your face close to his, you're getting bonked :)

    Puppy boy- Still learning his quirks, but so far, sleeps with all four legs up in the air. If we put our lips right in front of his snout, he bumps them for a kiss and will take off. Also, if you pat his butt when he's in a playful mood, he has to spin around clockwise. Little weirdo :)

  • Anonymous
    8 months ago

    Our cat loves leather. Especially the holster of my off duty carry. She'll drag the holstered .45 off my desk. Then drag it to her bed. Pull it into her bed and wrap herself around it. Right now she is around 12 inches from me on my desk with her head resting on the weapon and holster. I have way too many stories about my dogs. But the best is my K9 partner. A Belgian Malinois. Who is teasing the Dobermans by walking in and out of their crates. Stopping and laying in their beds for a few seconds and moving on. She'll repeat this over and over.

  • Mark
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    8 months ago

    My dog, takes a mouthful of food out of her bowl, walks to the other side of the room, spits it out, and then chews each piece tin the new location.  My cat had a weird sock fetish.  I leave the house with all my drawers closed, and somehow, he figured out a way he could paw them open, pull out a pair of socks, and gnaw on them, or whatever cats do.  I'd find them all over the house.

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