Advice on this guy please?

recently said yes to a guy who asked me out..he's cute and he's very much into me even though he's VERY shy and socially awkward..which becomes a problem because he doesn't mingle with my friends and says nothing to them even when they talk to him..his responses are very short and he tries to get alone time with me even though I prefer mingling with my friends at school and having friends think it's odd that he only seems to want to talk to me..what should I do about it..I feel like he's coming off as a bit too eager with me and I'm starting to feel a little suffocated and unsure about him..I liked him at first and might still have feelings except that my feelings for him change everyday.How do I deal with this ???

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  • 8 months ago
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    Shift him from being your date to just another one of your friends. You cannot force him to mingle as he doesn't have (or perhaps he doesn't want to learn?) those social skills that you obviously do have. He sounds to me to be a little too clingy a little too early in your relationship. As you've discovered, this can be rather suffocating. He wants ALL of your time and cramps your style when you are out with your friends because he is only interested in you and shows it. Let him down gently. Just don't be quite so available all the time. He can't be with you 24/7 which is probably what he wants. You're at school so it will impinge on your schoolwork too if you and he go around all the time glued together. This really is HIS problem and it's for him to solve. He doesn't want to mix with your friends which is fine. Don't force him. Tell him he shouldn't feel obliged to be with you all the time when you are with your girlfriends. If he insists, you'll have to tell him straight that his behaviour with them (the rudeness and shortness) makes you feel uncomfortable and unhappy. However, save that until you HAVE to tell him. Hopefully, he'll be willing to see you maybe once or twice a week (but only if YOU want to). Good luck. You are both at the age where learning to socialise comes in really handy. You have mastered the art very easily. He hasn't - but clinging to you because he feels so comfortable with you isn't what he should be doing. He should be widening his circle of friends and learning to socialise for himself.

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    8 months ago

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