Can websites still infect your computer with malware?

I'm not really a big security guy but I'm curious, when you visit a website on the surface web on a clean and updated browser, such as chrome or firefox, is it still possible for websites to infect you just by visiting them and not interacting with them at all? Just curious because all answers I can find on google are old.

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    9 months ago
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    The type that can infect you without interacting with them are relatively rare, and they usually depend on unpatched vulnerabilities in things like Java or Javascript. If you have an uptodate browser, then those chances are much less. But of course people are always searching for new vulnerabilities, so just be on the lookout, but you don't have to worry too much about these types of websites if you have updated browsers.

  • Lv 7
    9 months ago

    by visiting them, you ARE interacting with them. in order to view a web page, it must be first downloaded to your device, along with whatever files it says to load.

    treat the internet like a dark alley. if you have never been to a site, it is like entering a shop in that alley with just a sign that says "Welcome"...

  • 9 months ago

    Possible but staying off unscrupulous sites like porn is a great policy.

    Web pages themselves hardly ever have trojans, some content you open may pose mild risk. Flash vids are being discontinued because of security problems, Firefox browser already blocks it.

    Cookies lead to phishing email scams, some can easily fool the unaware.

    Kaspersky or Norton website has blogs that cover safe surfing the WWW.

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  • 9 months ago

    Yes, of course you can be infected by a malicious website. That is the reason you should run good anti-virus and anti-malware security. 

  • Mark
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    9 months ago

    Apparently, yes. The IT section of the company I work at regularly sends memoes out to this effect.  But you CAN'T get a virus from an e-mail if you don't click on any links, as the e-mail is never actually ON your computer, but in some server somewhere.

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