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What can I do to get out of the corporate workforce?

I work in civil engineering right now at a private company so I have to work all the time for relatively low pay. I am only doing it for the money.  I don’t want kids, wife, or a lot of stuff houses need cars etc. my salary and work is way above my needs. 

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  • 8 months ago

    You have to have another field related to construction before deciding to quit if your salary is that low. Learn more from the company of what is it really the company is doing. There are a wide variety of work along the line of civil engineering profession, if you are just doing the clerical work then you are not learning anything. 

    Study carefully how the contract is initiated up its final stage. If you mastered the contract administration, you have now all the tools to move on to any company you want, keep in mind that contract is the engine of any civil engineering company to keep it running. Good luck!

  • Jim
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    10 months ago

    I would ask "What is your passion in life?" Do that!

  • 10 months ago

    Save your money until you have enough to live on  for a long time.  Then quit.

  • 10 months ago

    Save just enough of money and then open your own small business relates to civil or other kind,enjoy your free life as wishes later on without the bothering from family responsibility like from wife and kids that like a cage after marriage.

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  • 10 months ago

    Maybe you should consider changing to a different field. I worked with many engineers over the years. One left the company to open a construction company to build single family homes. Another left and opened a shoe store and ended up with several stores. Another left to run a cotton farm. Lastly one got a law degree and become a lobbyist at the state level. 

  • Anonymous
    10 months ago

    Buy a farm and live off the government. 

  • no
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    10 months ago

    Quit and get a new job

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