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New betta has his gills puffed out?

So I just purchased 2 bettas last night and bought a new tank with a divider (since bettas can not be placed together) the girl at the pet store recommended that tank to me. I got it all set up and everything is good except one of the bettas keeps swimming around with his gills puffed. The divider is not see through, just has some tiny holes through it, so the bettas cannot see eachother. i know when they do that it means “fight mode” but he’s been looking out the glass which usually means he sees himself thinking he’s another betta, and wants to fight. I had the tank light on but I ended up turning it off thinking it might help. Can bettas do this if they’re stressed from a new environment and stuff? Or is it likely from his own reflection? And if it could be the reflection what could I do to help that out? The other betta seems fine. Just don’t want him stressed if I can help it unless like I said it’s just from the move and stuff. Tia 

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  • Raven
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    11 months ago

    If he's seeing himself in the glass you could block the glass area he uses somehow, like with another plant. I had a betta that did that, he saw his reflection on the side of the heater. I put a plant there... it didn't completely stop him but it slowed him down some.

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