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Is this the best thing to do with lousy friends?

I used to go to a young adult fellowship at a church (in SF). I made a bunch of friends. I could say during my attendance there, those people are pretty friendly.

Then after a few years, some of them also left the church. When I met them and I just realized these friends were just acting nice at the church. I remember one guy from this fellowship. He called me to pick me up (he didnt own a car?). I refused the request because I had other things to do. Then suddenly this jerk was shouting on the phone getting pissed at me. Hell, I'm not his driver and he was acting selfish and rude like that. What a bad attitude forcing someone to pick him up.

I had another bad experience with a few other friends from this church. Wow! what did I get myself into? horrible people.

So I ghosted these people and pretend I did not know them. They created a scene so there was a fight. So I think it is useless to hang out with these horrible people.


@Pearl: dude, I know about 20 people from this church.  This is a small church, the members are probably around 150 people. 

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  • RP
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    It seems you've found the solution. Many would question whether than can be such a thing as "lousy friends" because, if they're lousy, they can't be friends and if they're friends, they can't be lousy.

  • Pearl
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    8 months ago

    i would just make new friends

  • 8 months ago

    not all people at the church are like that, you were just hanging out with the wrong ones

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