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should I really learn to play music I don't like?

I take piano lessons.. My teacher gave me a piece that I find very boring and dopey... My mom says I should learn it because I should learn to play music I don't like.. She won't give me an explanation... Is she right, if so please explain why..

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  • Tony B
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    10 months ago
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    The aim of the teacher wasn't to give you music that you liked but to give you something to work on that would help you develop as a player. I remember when I learnt to drive, I wasn't taken to places I “liked” I just spent my time driving around industrial estates learning the skills I needed.

    The idea is that you learn to play the piano and then can play whatever you want. Didn't something similar happen when you were taught to read?

    The teacher is in control of your learning and is responsible for it. You should do what they tell you or else end the lessons.

  • 10 months ago

    Go ahead and endure the lessons.  You might gain technical playing skills.  After you finish lessons, you can play what you wish.

  • Pearl
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    10 months ago

    she might be right, ask your teacher if you can play something else after that

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