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Sexual behaviour inside an adult swingers club is neither unlawful or against the rules of the club. True or false?

As long as the sexual behaviour is consensual then it cannot be unlawful or against the rules of the club.

True or false?

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    I think thats pretty accurate...

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    False. Prostitution might be consensual for both parties, yet it's likely against the rules of the club, and is most certainly unlawful (except in parts of Nevada if the club is properly licensed).

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    i dont think thats true

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    This depends 100% on the rules of that specific club.  Some things, masturbation for example, cannot be consensual.

    I'll say legally FALSE.  Club members also CANNOT consent to activities which are illegal in that State; for example, the sexual participation of children.  If it's against State law, it's against club law.

    Ask an attorney.

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