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Im pregnant and at Uni? ?

I’m currently studying nursing at Uni. I’m on my first year and I am really determined to graduate from the course. I had been on the nexplanon (implant) for nearly 4 years until me and my boyfriend personally made a decision to remove it as it was giving me some serious moods. We opted for condoms but unfortunately and I wish I knew how, they failed... as I am now pregnant. (confirmed by test) i’m not sure how far I am but i currently now have 1 issue.

1. I am 20 and young although I would love to keep this baby, is it possible to graduate and be a mother? My boyfriend is an engineer in the navy. He’s 22. His mother would be over the moon, as would he. 

Has anyone fallen pregnant as a student or even as a young adult? Please let me know some advice or how things went for you.. thanks :)

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    Nursing school for me was 2.5 years BSN. Not a walk in the park. The first year is nothing, the second year stuff was the hardest for me since there was a stupid math class (Stats) i had to take that really kicked my butt. A&P is a lock, it’s the easiest course you’ll ever take. Would i suggest being pregnant while in year 2 of nursing? Is that an LPN or BN course? Because a normal BN is like 4 years? It’s not easy, even with help doesn’t have MAT leave

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